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Discover how to have a relationship with Jesus, even when you have tried and failed in the past with this 90-minute training called Embracing A Life of Prayer. It comes with a free companion workbook with action assignments to get you started uncovering a relationship with Jesus that leads to joy in all circumstances…

This is all absolutely FREE! 

Embracing A Life of Prayer, you’ll discover:

Each topic has action assignments inside the workbook that will help you get started uncovering a life of prayer and a relationship with Jesus:


  • Prayer – Why it’s important and how to do it. 
  • Reading the Bible – Help getting started.
  • Christian Meditation – What it is and what it ISN’T. 
  • Scripture Memorization – A perfect way to start hearing the voice of Jesus.
  • Your Relationship with Jesus – How it can immediately start blessing your life.

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