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Here’s a life-changing question for Christians who are READY to find joy in all circumstances. 

What’s the difference between Holy Spirit Living where you confidently walk in faith

…and your current state of doubting yourself, struggling to have a consistent prayer routine, and wondering if you have enough faith?

 If you guessed…

buckling down and just trying harder. You would be wrong.

learning to pray “right.” You would be mistaken.

or becoming more of an asset to God’s kingdom. You would still be ever so badly mistaken. 

Because, at the end of the day, it isn’t about how you can make the change happen for yourself, but about learning to understand what’s going on spiritually in your life and cooperating with the Holy Spirit. 

Like anything else in the world, there are two ways of doing thingsfinding joy in all circumstances right in the middle of struggles or letting the circumstances control you.

If joy in all circumstances is what you want in your faith walk…


You’ll want to discover how to embrace Holy Spirit Living 
so you can experience joy in all circumstances.



Here’s what you will need to know about embracing Holy Spirit Living: it starts with being able to see clearly what is really going on in your soul so you can accept the good and reject the bad…

While the potential for every Christian to enjoy Holy Spirit Living is very possible, it takes a certain core mindset to embrace Holy Spirit Living.

With these core mindsets in place, the days of doubting your faith will become a thing of the past as you experience the beginning benefits of these core mindsets. 

The internet can be so overwhelming, with all the well-meaning Christian advice at your finger tips, leaving you feeling frustrated and unsure.

If you’re anything like me when I started to discover the Rules for Discernment of Spirits, you know you don’t want to be so focused on memorizing facts and doing tasks that you miss the whole point that faith is a spiritual experience. Yet being ‘new‘ to a consistent faith walk, you may be unsure how to do it, let alone how to embrace Holy Spirit Living.

The more I committed to a consistent faith walk, the more I began to see the ups and downs of my faith for what they really were because I knew what to look for. The more I knew what to look for, the more confident I became while discerning. However, I was eager to spot the spiritual movements earlier so I could experience more of what discernment had to offer for those who want to walk in faith.

As I faithfully followed the core mindsets, I was on the road to Holy Spirit Living without realizing that this was going to be the reward I reaped for being committed to the core mindsets.

It felt great to finally experience a deeper spiritual life and personal relationship with the Lord. 

Now, I help Christians remove the uncertainty and identify where to begin for those who want to walk in faith…

But before I share with you about that, I want to tell you why I think the majority of Christians don’t have the spiritual life they deeply desireand deserve 

The REAL Reason Most Christians Aren’t Experiencing JOY in All Circumstances

After more than 7 years with a more consistent faith walk, I have witnessed so many Christians who were wrestling with the doubt and stress of wondering if they were enough, trying hard to have faith and trust in the Lord. But fear, dependence on their own strength, and feelings of shame or guilt kept stopping them.  

I know hundreds of Christians who have served God for endless hours, year after year, and yet they are no closer to experiencing joy in all circumstancesSadly, those who want to walk in faith aren’t any closer to Holy Spirit Living either, even though they have been diligently trying to become more of an asset to God’s kingdom.

Christians are some of the most dedicated people I know and deserve to experience how this core mindset truly leads to finding joy in all circumstances.

I’m talking about…

  • Serving on church committees
  • Taking care of family and neighbors
  • Praying for others
  • Talking to Jesus on a regular basis
  • Trying to discern God’s voice
  • Going to church
  • Reading the Bible
  • And the list goes on and on…

The good news is that almost every one of these Christian tasks can become more joyful RIGHT now. In fact, most of this list will be more joyful with the core mindset put into place.

These things on this list are fueled by the WRONG things that keep Christians having a superficial faith, instead of giving those who want to walk in faith the core mindsets to embrace Holy Spirit Living. 

The truth is that if you want different results, you need to do things differently.

But first, you need to know exactly what these core mindsets are that lead to Holy Spirit Living.

“Act as if everything depended on you; trust as if everything depended on God.”

St. Ignatius of Loyola

Here’s Why Most of Those Who Want to Walk in Faith Never Embrace Holy Spirit Living

A more consistent faith walk always starts with so much potential.

You have so many things on your mind you want to try, but you never feel like you have enough time to actually make quiet time with God a priority. 

If you feel a more consistent faith walk will help you have a deeper spiritual life, it makes it even more important to free up time for a deeper personal relationship with your Savior

On top of that…

  • You know you’d be less busy if it was up to you, but no one else will step up to do the work if you don’t do it.
  • You believe maybe now just isn’t the right time in your life. It will be easier at some point in the future when you’re less busy.
  • You trust that the busier you are serving and doing good deeds, the more valuable an asset you are to God’s kingdom anyway. 

And it is with this ‘knowledge‘ that you stay whole-heartedly committed to God on a daily basis, doing what you believe to be the solution even though you experience no joy.

With a focused commitment and sense of calling, you get started.

You gather all you need to pray and read the Bible including that spiritual book and those pretty pens you bought and that journal with the cover you love. You start off with anticipation and excitement – but after you begin you just can’t make yourself sit down and do it every day. 

You begin doubting yourself.

You start comparing your journey with others who walk in faith. 

You wonder what you are missing that they are doing right.

You begin having that feeling of guilt and worry that you don’t have enough faith. Overwhelm sets in, and you begin asking yourself, “Where am I falling short?” 

Then YOU begin questioning your ability to have a more consistent faith walk…

How do I make quiet time with God a priority? 

Why do I procrastinate ?

Am I even doing it right?

And worst of all…

Even if I figure out how to have a more consistent faith walk, is it even possible for me to find joy in all circumstances?

How can I know if it’s God’s voice or the enemy?

God can do anything, but will he do it for me

Is it even possible to embrace Holy Spirit Living with how busy I am?

Adding to your own concerns, the overwhelm increases by thinking about all your past failures. You feel like such a loser because you’re supposed to be a Christian but you can’t even make yourself pray

It doesn’t matter if you are a cup half-full or silver-lining person, you will eventually want to give up on trying to have a more consistent faith walk because it looks so different from how you imagined it to be for others who are faithful. The fact that you’re not sure God will answer your prayers to actually help you discern has made you doubt yourself for years. 

And that’s it.

You won’t be experiencing a confident faith walk.

You won’t be experiencing guidance on how to navigate the spiritual aspects of your faith.

You won’t be experiencing the support that encourages you and picks you up when you are down. 

You won’t be embracing the Holy Spirit Living that you so desire and deserve.

And for all your hard work, you will have been working on tasks rather than a relationship, and it has all been in vain because you weren’t going about it the right way.  

While the odds of truly embracing Holy Spirit Living may seem low – the potential for this to happen is high!

Almost unreasonably high… with the right core elements.

SO many things have to look different in how you pursue a relationship with Jesus to even get to a point where you can see there are spiritual movements happening in your soul that can lead to embracing Holy Spirit Living.

  • You need to let Jesus love you.
  • You need to know where you’re headed.
  • You need to see the different movements in your soul.
  • You need to know what they really are.
  • You need to accept the good.
  • You need to reject the bad. 
  • You need to think about the reasons they happened.
  • You need to expect challenges.
  • You need to embrace hope and humility.
  • You need to stop the bad early.
  • You need to be patient.
  • You need to have the support of wise spiritual friends.
  • You need to tell someone when you’re struggling.
  • And so much more…

And because you are so busy in caring for your family already, you don’t have a lot of extra time to figure out the core elements for embracing Holy Spirit Living with a trial and error approach.

The core elements to embrace Holy Spirit Living are the very things that will help you find joy in all circumstances when implemented correctly. 

Seeing the movements in your soul is the first step to embracing Holy Spirit Living.

But you don’t have the time to attempt to figure out the exact core elements that seeing these movements takes to embrace Holy Spirit Living. 

In fact, the core elements necessary to embrace Holy Spirit Living are not easily found online. You may find them here and there but it took years for me to discover these elements in the Rules for Discernment of Spirits while adding them to a more consistent faith walk before I fully experienced Holy Spirit Living.

Assuming you can tirelessly serve God in the same way that another person who wants to walk in faith is and get the same results is often what causes most Christians to experience the feeling of being a disappointment to God. This feeling of being a disappointment will eventually rob you of the joy in all circumstances Christians desire and deserve to claim as their own.

The differences between embracing Holy Spirit Living and having no spiritual life are the core elements.

BUT… here’s the good news.

The Holy Spirit Living Framework™ results in embracing Holy Spirit Living when the core elements inside the program are implemented in your faith walk. 

With the right framework covering the core elements of Holy Spirit Living that leads to joy in all circumstances, you will find the strength and perseverance to commit to a more consistent faith walk that will bring you into a deeper personal relationship with Jesus.

What It’s Like Being a Faith Walker

I love the consistency in my faith walk since I began embracing Holy Spirit Living. I used to have big ups and downs in my faith. I felt bad, like this wouldn’t happen if I was a better Christian. Now that I know the truth about these ups and downs, it’s been so freeing.

When I start to get down on myself or a situation, now it’s possible to believe I’m actually loved by Jesus and snap out of it. I feel His mercy and the love He has for me on a very real level.

As a person who struggles with anxiety and self-criticism, it has been incredible to see myself through the eyes of Jesus. I have always known  Jesus loves me. Now that knowledge has finally made the long journey from my mind to my heart.  

By helping me navigate the different movements of my soul with more confidence, Holy Spirit Living has allowed me to love myself, my family and my friends better than ever. It’s been truly life-changing not just for me but for the way I interact with all of them as well.

When it comes to experiencing joy in all circumstances, with a more consistent faith walk, there’s nothing that compares to a spiritual life that leads to embracing Holy Spirit Living.

The biggest mistake most Christians make is they forget our faith is spiritual, and we must be spiritually wise and discerning. That looks completely different than the approach Christians often take.

Christians spend more of their time being focused on their own effort, as if faith is a self-help endeavor and the harder we try the better we’ll get. The core elements for a life of prayer consist of leaning into the Holy Spirit, and not our own strength, by committing to being spiritually wise and discerning.

What Christians don’t realize is that if they faithfully seek to be spiritually wise when they seek a more consistent faith walk and discernment, they will be securing joy in all circumstances for themselves while embracing Holy Spirit Living.

And by embracing Holy Spirit Living, I mean that their spiritual life and faith will come alive in ways that are more real than they could have ever imagined.

When a Christian is able to embrace Holy Spirit Living, they have secured joy in all circumstances.

Are you ready to invest in your consistent faith walk with a tried and proven framework that leads to joy in all circumstances by embracing Holy Spirit Living?

The fact that you are still reading this tells me…

You have a STRONG desire to have a consistent faith walk.

  • YOU are DONE with feeling like a disappointment, overwhelmed and depleted as a Christian.
  • You DESIRE confidence in your ability to have a consistent faith walk even though you face fear and doubt – like everyone else – some of the times.
  • You desire to have a MORE vibrant spiritual life so you will know how to find joy in all circumstances and feel the love of Jesus.
  • You are READY to have a more consistent faith walk that leads to embracing Holy Spirit Living, even though you’re not completely clear on what that looks like or how to go about getting there.

And that’s why I’m so excited to invite you to join me in The Holy Spirit Living Framework™ where I’ll guide you on how to see the movements in your soul and know exactly what to do about them to embrace Holy Spirit Living. 

Are you ready to find joy in all circumstances?

If so, I would love to introduce you to …

The Holy Spirit Living Framework™ is a 6-month program that teaches discernment that leads to joy in all circumstances by embracing Holy Spirit Living.

The Holy Spirit Living Framework™ provides you with spiritual wisdom and discernment, even if you are ‘new‘ or ‘unsure‘ how to embrace Holy Spirit Living or how to have a consistent faith walk.

Inside this program, you will:

  • Start to see where you are headed and what’s going on spiritually in your life.
  • Know exactly what the spiritual movements in your soul are and where they come from.
  • Learn how to move through the struggles more quickly in your faith walk.
  • Think about the reasons behind the struggles and have confidence you’ll get through it.
  • Embrace challenges and stay humble but hopeful.
  • AND…
  • Stop struggles before they even start and embrace Holy Spirit Living.

And the BEST part is…

The Holy Spirit Living Framework™ will give you confidence in a more consistent faith walk to not just trust this framework but to commit to embracing Holy Spirit Living.

The Holy Spirit Living Framework™ is the perfect program for you if…

  • You are committed to a consistent faith walk
  • You struggle to show up for prayer every day
  • You get concerned if you are praying right
  • You desire to dive deeper into your spiritual life
  • You have a love for Jesus 
  • You have a desire to build your faith

The Holy Spirit Living Framework is a 6-month program designed to equip Christians to have a more consistent faith walk that leads to finding joy in all circumstances by embracing Holy Spirit Living. 

The Holy Spirit Living Framework™ provides you with guidance on how to navigate the spiritual aspects of your faith, even if you are ‘new‘ or ‘unsure‘ of  how to have a more consistent faith walk or how to have a spiritual life in the real world.  

Consider The Holy Spirit Living Framework™ as a digital course coupled with an online coaching program to master a more consistent faith walk for those who want to walk in faith in less time and with better results because you can see the spiritual aspect of what’s going on and discern what you should do about it.



The Holy Spirit Living Framework™ consists of FOUR deliverables supporting the core framework inside with resources for Christians.

The framework starts with a 6-module core framework that builds spiritual wisdom for Christians that naturally leads to Holy Spirit Living.

The focus of this core framework is to equip Christians to have a more consistent faith walk. It provides you with guidance on how to navigate the spiritual aspects of your faith.

“We learn the facts of our faith but often not the spiritual aspects. This program offers practical steps for living out faith in every day life.” – Jenni DeWitt




Both LIVE Calls each month are done on Zoom (a free software for participants) that are video calls where you can choose to join me on video or just listen in. 

Each call, you will have the chance to pre-submit a question related to a more consistent faith walk that is keeping you overwhelmed about implementing this framework to embrace Holy Spirit Living. 

REPLAYS are stored in the program’s hub. 


It’s hard to have a regular prayer routine, but you can do it with this 40 Days to Daily Prayer, step-by-step blueprint. It walks you through developing a daily prayer routine that is completely doable in your life right now.

By starting small and working your way up, you’ll finally be able to fit prayer into your life in a way you never thought possible. Once you start, daily prayer WILL transform your spiritual life in profound ways. 


This deliverable will help you put into action all you’ve learned about how to embrace Holy Spirit Living. The Discernment Diary is a hands-on tool that walks you through the discernment steps each day so you can immediately start experiencing the benefits of embracing Holy Spirit Living in your everyday life. 

You’ll be learning a lot of transformational new concepts about your spiritual life. This diary will help you put them into practice in a very concrete, hands-on way in your everyday life.




Do you just wish someone would show you how to pray so you can feel confident you are doing it right? Here’s your chance! This bonus offers five videos that walk you through five different days of prayer. By the end of the week, you’ll be praying with confidence so you can relax and simply enjoy your time with Jesus.    


With this bonus, learn to focus more on the relationship aspect of prayer rather than worrying if you are doing everything just right. Experience the freedom of being with Jesus and knowing His love for you in a whole new way that’s been waiting for you all along. 


Each of these unique coloring pages offers a fruit of the Holy Spirit: joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, charity, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, self-control, and chastity. They’re so pretty, once you’ve colored them, you’ll want to frame them and hang them in your home!



Grab this QUICK ACTION bonus -the Discernment Devotional – for free, if you enroll by SUNDAY, JULY 12th at 10 PM CST – no exceptions!

The Discernment Devotional takes the Discernment Diary to a whole new level, combining everything you’ll learn in The entire Holy Spirit Living Framework™ in one convenient place. From R&R with Jesus to Bible verses you can use during your guided prayer time, to a daily walk through your discernment time. This Discernment Devotional will have you embracing Holy Spirit Living in lightening fast speed so it can start to transform your faith walk more quickly and completely


(assuming you qualify for the QUICK action bonus)


When enrolling in The Holy Spirit Living Framework, you are committing to the full 6-month program with Jenni DeWitt as your spiritual coach.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is only for those Christians who are serious about committing to embracing Holy Spirit Living with me as their spiritual coach. 

There is NO refund or cancellation policy. 

When enrolling, you are committing to this 6-month program and the full payment. 

Jenni DeWitt is committed to coaching you through how to embrace Holy Spirit Living. 



This 6-month program has been designed for those who already know they are committed to embracing Holy Spirit Living.  

It is not for those who are still in the research phase. 

This doesn’t mean you need to come into the program with an idea of what Holy Spirit Living will look like in your life. 

All you need is the commitment and desire to live a more consistent faith walk and a love for Jesus. 

You do NOT need to have a perfect faith.  

Although this is a faith walk program, you might discover it also helps you feel better physically and mentally because we are 3-part human beings – spirit, mind, and body – all intimately connected.  

If you cancel your payments, you will be obligated to pay your remaining balance in FULL upon cancellation. 

If you need more time, and desire to renew your program at the end, you’ll have the ability to renew at the same price you enrolled in as long as you renew during the 14-day renewal process. 

All A LIFE OF PRAYER™ programs offer two payment plans that are NOT refundable or able to be canceled. This is NOT a subscription plan but a payment agreement.

The Holy Spirit Living Program is a SIX-month program.

When enrolling in this program, you have the full commitment of Jennifer DeWitt and any team members to work with you in the full capacity of the program. This program is only designed for those who are ready to commit their time and finances to embrace Holy Spirit Living with the strategies taught inside the following program: The Holy Spirit Living Framework.

About Jenni DeWitt

When my 2-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer, it sent me on an emotional and spiritual rollercoaster. The ups and downs of my faith made me feel guilty and confused me half the time.

Then I discovered St. Ignatius’ Rules for the Discernment of Spirits. For more than seven years I’ve been using these rules and daily prayer to help me understand the highs and lows of my spiritual life

Although life isn’t perfect, now I’ve developed a rich spiritual life in which I’ve fully embraced Holy Spirit Living. As an ordinary mom from Nebraska, I’m grateful for the ways spiritual wisdom and discernment has helped me find joy in all circumstances. It has truly transformed my life. 

Are you ready for it to change yours?



Q: What's included in program?

™You will get 6-month access to the core method which includes six modules. Each module has several video lessons along with worksheets that will help you put into action what you learn. In addition, you will be a member of a private Facebook group in which you will have direct access to me. We will also have laser calls twice a month to dive deep and help you get the most of the program. You will have the chance to pre-submit one specific question you’d like answered on the call. 

You will also get 40 Days to Daily Prayer, practical steps to develop your daily prayer life. You will also get a printable Discernment Diary to help you start to see the spiritual movements in your life, know what they are, and what to do about them. In addition, you will get access to Pray Your Way to a Relationship with Jesus, plus five guided prayer videos that walk you through your prayer time, and unique adult coloring pages with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. 

If you act quickly and purchase The Holy Spirit Living Framework™ by 10 p.m. CST on Sunday July 12th, you will also get the Discernment Devotional. This will walk you through every aspect of Holy Spirit Living on a daily basis so you can bring the program into your daily life in every aspect to transform your life and give you a more consistent faith walk. 

Q: How long will it take me to complete the core framework?

You will have six months to complete the program. However, it is a self-paced program so within that six months you can work at your own pace to complete the modules. The first module will open during our Opening Ceremony Wednesday, July 15th with a new module opening every other Wednesday after that. The bonuses will be available with their corresponding modules. 

Q: What are the Laser Calls?

Laser calls are group calls that will be done on Zoom. You will be able to see and hear me. You can choose whether or not to turn on your camera so we can see you or your microphone. Before each laser call, you will have the chance to submit a question about something you’re feeling confused about or need more help with related to a more consistent faith walk.

The laser calls will last one hour. I will spend five minutes on each question allowing for 12 questions per call. Once you enroll in The Holy Spirit Living Framework you will be given a link to the zoom calls. 

Q: When are the Laser Calls?

The laser calls will be held twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at 2 PM CST.

Q: Are there payment plans available?

You can choose a monthly payment plan or make a one-time payment for the entire 6-month program. 

Q: Is there a refund policy if I'm not satisfied?

There is no refund. I am committed to you and this helps you to be fully committed to me as well.