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Bible Verses to Help You Persevere in Prayer are on their way!
But here’s a SPECIAL offer for you.

SOUL DEVOTIONAL to Persevere in Prayer 

(value $17)

If you’re really serious about taking more time to pray, you’ll want to grab this Scripture-packed SOUL Devotional while you’re processing the details found inside the perfect Bible Verses to Help You Persevere in Prayer

As you’ll see inside Bible Verses to Help You Persevere in Prayer, there are 44 Bible verses that are perfect for your prayer time. This PDF that is already on its way explains ‘WHAT’ each of these is, however, the SOUL Devotional explains ‘HOW’ to do your prayer time with these Bible verses.

You’ll want to have ALL these as you work to make quiet time with God a priority.

Let me explain what comes in this SOUL Devotional for only $7! (regular priced $17)

  • R&R – helps you step into quiet time with God.  
  • SOUL Method – walks you through reading Scripture.
  • Journal – gives you insight into how the Holy Spirit is igniting your faith with the Bible.

With both WHERE TO TURN – Bible Verses to Persevere in Prayer + the SOUL Devotional, you’ll be on your way
to taking more time with God!